Who is that?

Who is this person on the picture?

I am a total Matlab geek but I have been staring at this picture many many times as it is used everywhere in the image processing toolbox as example. And I have used this toolbox A LOT. So I kind off became curious at some point. This picture was definitely strongly imprinted somewhere in my mind. Who is that?

And I just came across this post from Steve Eddins blog about some of the default hidden image in Matlab. And suddenly, Steve shows the exact same picture, a little blurry and mention that it is Loren at 4 years old. Aaaah that’s it! Loren Schure is probably maintaining one of the most popular Matlab blog around. She has been at Mathwork for 25 years. So I am 95 % confident, this should be the same Loren. Alright, a mystery solved. I am sure you feel better too.

Loren is hidden in some weird places in the Matlab code. If you type


You will get :

Loren insisted on it.

Do you know what this is about?

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  1. On Matlab R2013a I actually get “Barney insisted on it.”!

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