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A quick non technical post today but I wanted to leave a few words on a new Matlab blog from Mathworks which I think is going to be interesting. I take this opportunity to mention two other, well established and excellent, blogs, that I very often read.

Indeed, Cleve Moller, one of the founder of Matlab, has decided to start Blogging! Welcome in the blogging community, Cleve, I am excited to read your future posts!

He wrote a book that I highly recommend for beginners :

Numerical Computing with Matlab

Also from Mathworks. One of these blogs that you will inevitably end up reading if you have some technical issues in Matlab. Lots and lots of very good material. She also has some bits of her hidden in the source code.

This blog is from an independent blogger in Israel. Very very impressive work. Yair talks about undocumented aspects of Matlab. Sometimes, I wonder if he does not have secretely access to the source code.

He also made a book that is extremely useful when you seriously work with interfaces in Matlab :

Undocumented Secrets of MATLAB-Java Programming

Which Matlab blogs do you read often?

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3 Responses to Matlab and blogs

  1. Hunter Clark says:

    I have never used matlab before and am having a lot of trouble understanding how to do things. Ive been asked to write a script that opens a figure with x and y axis that run from -10 to 10, lets you click on the figure and plots the location that I have clicked with a red x. Any tips would help me out greatly thank you.

    • Jerome says:

      Hi Hunter,

      There are a lot of ressources on this website to help you with that. I encourage you to start with the beginning and go through tutorials to learn Matlab. I know it is a little time consuming but definitely worth it in the end.

  2. The Java aspect is a powerful tool. I am exploring this as well as dynamic user interfaces. Please visit:

    Would love to hear from you.

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