Mathworks has listened to our TIFF prays!

A short post for today. Don’t worry, I will be back to this blog soon, I was 120% busy over the summer.

I just want to leave a short note : Mathworks just released a new version of their Tiff libraries to improve performance on all Matlab since 2009b with Tiffs! I don’t know if my post helped but it’s good to be listened! So whoever did this at Natick, thanks!

Fixed versions are available to download here.

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One Response to Mathworks has listened to our TIFF prays!

  1. adam says:

    MATLAB cannot read Tiff stacks beyond 2^16 (65536) frames:

    MATLAB has trouble writing Tiff stacks beyond ~30000 frames no matter what you do:

    Given your clearly extensive experience with large Tiff stacks I would be quite curious if you have run into these issues and might have any suggestions?


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