Happy new 2015

Happy new year coding in 2015 - Source : Image

Happy new year coding in 2015 – Source : Image

It is an established tradition that blogs will look back on new year and discuss past achievements. I also felt it was a good opportunity to share with you some results from this website statistics and suggest what the next year will be like.

2014 has been quite good in term of readership for Matlabtips.com. We climbed the google ladder and are now easily positioned in the top 10 of all Matlab blogs. This has translated in traffic as more than 1000 pages are now seen every day on this website. As you can tell from the image below, the growth in traffic is clear and healthy.

Top days in the weeks are Wednesdays and week-ends are a traditional low (especially Saturdays). I might make some more analysis on this some day as it carries a lot of interesting social behavior, especially given that the usage of this blog is purely professional. For instance, average traffic at lunch time shows a very clear decrease for all visitors in France but is not even noticeable in US.

Page views per month for Matlabtips.com in 2014 – Source : JetPack stats.

In the meantime, given the heavy load in my day job in 2014, I couldn’t devote as much time as I would have liked to to post (please take a look at my recent publication in Nature Neuroscience). Still, there are now more than 70 posts with more than 4 comments each on average. For 2015, I plan to seriously extend the number of posts so as to finish the beginner section of the “learning Matlab” page. My long-term goal is to propose a comprehensive alternative way to learn Matlab that can grow with its audience. You will see in 2015 that Matlabtips.com will get a lot of help to achieve that goal. I also invite all interested Matlab programmers to guest-post here. I think this is a really good opportunity  for you to get some personal glory.

I would like to finish this post with a very simple question : What would you like to see on Matlabtips.com in 2015?

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  1. lcortes says:

    In your “How to organize your Matlab files” post, you recommended using VCS software, and said you had some experience with SVN and was then changing to GIT. I would be really interested in a post in which you elaborated on your experiences with each to help make an informed decision on which VCS system to use. Thanks a lot, by the way. I have found this blog really helpful.

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