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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Matlab

In this long overdue post, I help you get started with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Matlab. We start with a little bit of history of OOP, talk about why and when this is useful and turn to few Matlab … Continue reading

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How to share your figure in the cloud

Today is a special post for a new online tool that hold some very interesting future. It’s about a new online tool from, a startup company in Montreal. I like their work a lot and decided it was worth giving them … Continue reading

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Recursive functions

In this post, I introduced you to the beauty of recursive functions. I believe that these are part of the “basic programming package” that anyone into coding should have been introduced to. I quickly discuss the theory and their usage … Continue reading

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The past, present and future of numerical computing

This post serves as an introduction to numerical computing as well as a nice overview of the current landscape of numerical calculation. I also present some of my perspectives on the future of the field which could raise general interest, … Continue reading

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Function and sub-functions

Any code written in Matlab needs to be somehow organized. As you grow your program, it becomes essential to write functions. Functions are elementary pieces of computations that take inputs, process them and send the result out. As you can … Continue reading

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A guide to guide : Video tutorial to start making interfaces

Some time ago, I made a post to help folks get started making interfaces with GUIDE, the interface designer provided by Matlab. It occurred to me that a video tutorial would convey a much better experience on this subject. So … Continue reading

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Professional deployment of Matlab code

This post marks the one year existence of this blog. I started writing in the hope to help folks get started with Matlab and also help rise the general quality of Matlab codes. Traffic have risen steadily in the last year … Continue reading

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