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Here goes posts on bugs, concerns and discussion around Matlab

Mathworks has listened to our TIFF prays!

I just want to leave a short note : Mathworks just released a new version of their Tiff libraries to improve performance on all Matlab since 2009b with Tiffs! Continue reading

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How to catch CTRL+C

In my previous post, I was talking about this annoyance on catching the interruption triggered by CTRL+C. It turned out, as I suggested, that I found a work around to this issue. As I searched, I realized that it is … Continue reading

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On Matlab annoyances and alternatives

Matlab has many problems as a programming language. Some could be easily fixed, some probably not. Some are very real and important issues that discourage advanced programmer from using it. This is one of the reasons why a large number … Continue reading

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Waiting for the waitbar

I love matlab waitbar. I use it everywhere in my matlab code. I always have the feeling my code is running faster when a nice window show the progress of calculations being done. What a surprise I had  when I … Continue reading

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