Algorithmic Trading in MATLAB : WFAToolbox

Today, I would like to welcome Alex from WFAToolbox who will present their latest trading tool in Matlab. 

Let us introduce you WFAToolboxMATLAB App that allows you to develop algorithmic trading strategies in minutes, not months. WFAToolbox was created for everyone who is interested in algorithmic trading, automated trading, or financial markets and investments in general and would like to use MATLAB to create and test their own trading strategies (trading robots).

Walk-Forward Analysis Toolbox for Algorithmic Trading (WFAToolbox) is a MATLAB App which allows you to create, test, and analyze your financial market trading strategy in a much easier way than if you try and do everything yourself. Once you understand how WFAToolbox works (this isn’t difficult considering the fact that we have recorded more than 20 high-quality voiced video lectures which describe every process in detail), you can describe your trading strategy in MATLAB language in minutes, test it, analyze the results, and even launch it on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or Interactive Brokers (IB)[1].

WFAToolbox has the following advantages:

  • Load Free Data from Google Finance

4-data-loadingYou don’t have to search free historical quotes all over the web or use extremely expensive data feeds. You can get 10,000+ tickers from 20+ Stock Exchanges from America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. You can also test strategies for several different assets such as pairs trading, triplet trading, basket arbitrage, and so on.

  • Write Trading Strategy Code Following Easy Rules

We made it possible to describe your trading strategy’s code in an extremely simple way using patterns. You can add whatever you want to your strategy code; anything from machine learning and neural networks for prediction, to co-integration tests for statistical arbitrage strategies with multiple assets. Use all of the capabilities of MATLAB without any restrictions!

  • Perform Visual Walk-Forward Testing

The walk-forward testing method has already earned a reputation for being the most reliable in the world for the creation of robust trading systems, but we have raised it to a new level. Now, every step of testing has rich visualization and you can see how the signals change in real-time depending on the parameters, on the segments «learning» and «testing», etc. This allows you to take control of everything and avoid the effect of black-box testing.


  • Analyzing Your Trading Strategies Portfolio in Detail

Hundreds of the performance indicators of your trading strategies, eight informational graphics, all of the information (from the duration of draw downs to the correlation between strategies) are available for you in WFAToolbox. You can also analyze several trading systems at once, thus building a balanced trading strategies portfolio.

  • 20+ High-Quality, Educational Video Lectures

We made sure you could use all of the features of Walk-Forward Analysis Toolbox for Algorithmic Trading (WFAToolbox) and so that you have the ability to learn trading strategy development in a more accessible form. This is why we have created more than 20 HD video lectures and a detailed manual which will be updated later with videos about new features and include more detailed analysis and methods of creation of various strategies: pairs trading, Support Vector Machine (SVM) prediction, and so on.

Also, we pay very special attention to the quality of our customer support and try to always exceed your expectations.

More information about Walk-Forward Analysis Toolbox for Algorithmic Trading (WFAToolbox) can be found at

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